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Hi all you lovely people

Thank you so much for stopping by my website, I hope you like what you see. There are new items added all the time and you may notice that I like to mix it up a little to give you a wide variety of shapes and scents.

A little about me, my name is Joanne, I'm 46 years old and single mum to 3 lovely children aged 16, 15 and 12 and we also have 7 furbabies, (6 cats and 1 Chihuahua.)

I originally started making wax melts back in 2015 when I came to the conclusion I was spending too much money on branded wax melts and candles and such like and after awhile I just couldn't smell them anymore. I started out making for myself with a wax melt kit and gave some to friends to try and got some good feedback. 

I continued to make more as more people asked me for wax melts so decided to start selling. In 2017 I was finding looking for a job a hard and stressful time along with been a single mum, knowing full well not many employers would employ an almost 40 yr old and so my heart wasn't in it and I was determined to become self employed. In July 2017 i had my business plan approved by the government and became officially registered and the rest is history.

Here you can purchase lots of home fragrance items from wax melts, carpet freshener, room sprays and more

Thank you again for reading and I hope you enjoy your purchases xx